Aberdeen Lifeboat Station


Previous stations have been used around the harbour area to house the crews and their equipment.

The first station was situated at the North Pier from 1802 until 1853 when a new station was built on the south side of Pilot Square, Footdee. In 1874, the station was moved again, this time to North Square, Footdee, beside the Beach. The lifeboat stationed here became known as the Beach Lifeboat. Another lifeboat was purchased for the station in 1875, this became known as the Harbour Lifeboat, and she was kept inside a specially built floating boathouse at Pocra Quay until a new house was built at Pocra Quay in 1877.

1890 saw the Harbour Lifeboat move again, this time to the Shelter Jetty, from where she was slip launched from a carriage. This station remained until the RNLI took over the Lifeboats in 1925, when the City's first motor lifeboat, Emma Constance, was moored afloat at Pocra Jetty. The No.2 Surf Lifeboat, remained at Footdee on her carriage until 1962. The carriage launched lifeboat was removed from there in 1962 and the building has since been demolished.

1973 saw the Aberdeen Lifeboat move to its present mooring at Victoria Dock Entrance, the All Weather Lifeboat was moored alongside a specially constructed floating pontoon. The present station was built in 1997, using the generous bequest of Miss A G Davidson of Aberdeen and replaced the crew accommodation which was housed in a portacabin beside the floating pontoon. The new station offers much improved crew facilities and houses the Inshore Lifeboat in purpose built accommodation.


Aberdeen Lifeboat Station

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