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If you are looking for the most recent shouts carried out by the Aberdeen lifeboats then you should look at the official RNLI website which is updated directly from our pager system:

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You might even be interested in downloading a desk top pager where you can see Aberdeen lifeboat launches in real time and really feel part of the lifeboat family:

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The table below gives a snap shot of the types of shouts carried out by our two lifeboats.


All performed by RNLB Bon Accord or the RNLB James Bisset Simpson unless otherwise stated.



Report / Casualty

Wind / Weather


Lives Lost

Lives Saved


485 01/01/2010 Sea Angler E 4/6 Rough 2hrs 1 0 Reported missing off the beach. ALB searched Gregness and Cove with the Coast Guard, but nothing was found
276 03/01/2010 Body in Sea SW 1 Calm 30m 0 0 Reported off the beach. ILB, Coast guard and police searched, nothing found (alot of debris in the area)
277 16/02/2010 Persons in sea E5 Rough 20m 0 0 Reported off the beach. ILB recalled before reaching location
278 01/04/2010 Persons on bridge N/A 30m 0 0 On Queen Elizabeth Bridge, incident resolved by police
486 04/04/2010 Flares N2 Calm 1hr 20mins 0 0 Army cadets training at Black Dog!
279 22/04/2010 Body NW 3/4 slow swell 45m 0 1 Male was seen to enter the water, ILB called and recovered body
280 10/05/2010 Bridge jumper (?) N/A 3hrs 0 0 Report of a person jumping off QE bridge. ILB/CG/police searched, nothing found
281 16/05/2010 Girls on island N/A N/A 0 0 On island at Ellon (R Ythan) – ILB trollied, but stood down before arrival on scene
282 02/06/2010 Distressed female Variable Light SW 35mins 0 1 On North Pier, jumped into sea and recovered by ILB crew who transfered her to an ambulance who took her to the ARI
283 12/06/2010 Children on bridge N/A 10 mins 0 0 On Wellington Suspension Bridge, ILB called by police but the children left before arrival
XXX 27/06/2010 Body in river N/A 3hrs 50mins 1 0 At Garthdee, seen by member of public. ILB crew assisted police and coast guard in recovery although the ILB was not used
284 27/06/2010 Men on bridge N/A 50mins 0 0 Reported jumping off QE bridge. Nothing found but this was probably a false alarm with good intent
285 01/07/2010 Person on N Pier N/A 5mins 0 0 Reported on north Pier- ILB recalled shortly after launch
487 10/07/2010 Yacht “TRYAL” of Grimesby (42ft) Variable SW (light) 4hrs 40m 0 2 Broken down 25nm E – MRI, then ALB towed to Aberdeen
488 10/08/2010 Yacht "Golden Brown" of Anstruther NW 3 Sl Sw 2hrs 30mins 0 2 Broken down (dirty fuel) 2.5nm off.ALB towed to port
286 11/08/2010 Woman in river N/A 15mins 0 1 Off QE Bridge- ILB took her ashore to the ambulance and police
489 20/08/2010 chase boat STORMBASS (converted MFV- 30m) SW 3/4 25mins 0 0 Broken down off harbour, engine restarted ALB recalled
287 29/08/2010 Person on Bridge N/A 2hrs 45mins 0 0 On Victoria Bridge- incident resolved by police


Archived services (1980-1991) can be accessed below in pdf format


(files are in pdf format - download Adobe reader here)

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